The Lost Words by Robert MacFarlane & Jackie Morris – a review

The perfect inspiration to kickstart The Other Side To Essex after a busy summer, this amazing review by Dara, Young Fermanagh Naturalist of this amazing book by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. Have ordered my copy!

Naturalist Dara

There were squeals of delight from Bláthnaid as I came in from school today. “We are Lost Word protectors and we didn’t even know it!” Nature is such a huge and important part of our lives that sometimes we forget that we live in a comfy bubble of knowledge, curiosity and the gifts given to us by our parents. We are not special, rich or entitled – we are lucky. My parents, from working class backgrounds were the first generation of knowledge seekers, thrown forward by an intense love of words, nature and conscience. Therefore, I have been blessed by luck and a mum who is addicted to books. They are only rated below food in terms of consumables…because, well, it’s just as necessary.

Today, on our table lay a book that I already felt I knew. In conversation with bothRobert MacFarlaneandJackie Morrison Twitter, this has…

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