Tread lightly – leave little (not litter)

The Essex coastline, like every other, is constantly shifting. With each turn of the tide, within each rolling wave, the place where sea meets land changes, never to be exactly the same again.   Humans walk along the beach, often with their canine companions, leaving footprints and paw-prints which dissolve under the next high tide.  As […]

Purple Haze

June and July flew by with a flurry of warm days here in sunny Essex – and a purple/pink haze of poppies, foxgloves and buddleia, with the accompanying delight of bees, butterflies and many other insects. The foxgloves have taken over a large part of my garden, started by three small plants transplanted from a […]


What better way to celebrate the continuance of Spring, than bluebells – Endymion non-scriptus A sunny day three weeks ago, along with three friends, we wandered through Weeleyhall Wood, locally renowned for its bluebells. The wood belongs to Essex Wildlife Trust, and plays host to a variety of trees; mostly oaks, but also sweet chestnut, […]